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——- What We Do——-

Quality Hospice Care steps in when time becomes most precious. We know every moment counts, and we want those moments to be pain free and spent with loved ones. Our care programs make that a reality. Don’t forget that we have a support group and chaplain to help encourage you during your most difficult times. When you need hospice, we’re only a phone call away.

For Patients

For Patients

As a patient or family member of a patient, are you looking for more information about hospice care? You are in the right place. Simply click the Learn More button below to learn more about the services that Quality Hospice Care offers. And, as always, we welcome your phone calls to discuss your needs. Thank you for your time.

For Professionals

For Professionals

Do you have patients who may benefit from hospice or even palliative care? You can find more information by clicking the Learn More button below. And, as always, you can call us. We’re here to help.

Support Group

Quality Support Group

Did you know Quality Hospice Care offers a support group for you and your family? If you click the Learn More button, you will be directed to our support group on Facebook. We hope to encourage you during these trying times.

For Volunteers

For Volunteers

Do you have a little extra time to spare? Do you have a heart to give? At Quality Hospice Care, we love volunteers! You never know how much a small gesture might mean. To learn more about volunteering, click the button below or give us a call.

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Did You Know? Hospice is not giving up.

Did You Know? Hospice is not giving up.

Did you know that hospice is not giving up – it is actively choosing to have a voice and control during the final stages of life. Hello & welcome back to Quality Hospice Care’s “Did You Know” blog. I am Jill Jones, Administrator of Quality Hospice Care. The...

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——- testimonials——-

An Awesome Team! They were so good to Mom and I. They talked “TO” us, not “AT” us and always made Mom feel special. She loved attention and they never forgot to Praise me for the care I gave Mom. They wouldn’t let me feel down when I had doubts about myself. Our team knew what they were doing and gave it their all – over and above. They even answered any and all questions about wound care. Great wound care nurse! She taught me more than I thought possible. My Mom was one special lady. It was hard sometimes but we enjoyed each other. I had sole total care of her for two years and 16 days. I. I would not change a day I had with her. Love her so much! Hospice is a great program. All the workers I met are very special. Love them all and thankful for them.

– Sarah M.

I was a lone full-time caregiver of my precious Mom for two years. When she needed total care I brought her to live with me. I was told about Quality Hospice, but not fully understanding what it was all about, I thought Mom did not need it. Well, I was wrong. This service is the best thing I ever did for Mom. The nurse came three times a week, and more if needed. The Bath aide was here every Thursday right on time. Wound care specialist came as needed. Mom loved these folks. They were so gentle and loving. They always answered all my questions and gave me advice on nutrition and medicines. They brought any and all supplies I needed for her care. Quality Hospice does not mean “the end,” it means lots of good help for the patient and the caregiver. Give them a call if you need good help. They will be there for you.”

– Kathy S.