Quality Hospice offers a complete range of care with state-of-the-art nursing services combined with an interdisciplinary team (your Care Team) who will see that all aspects of the patient, including physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met during this difficult time. We are here for you 24 hours every day providing the following:

Medical Director

Works in conjunction with the patient’s personal physician and oversees the medical and palliative care of each patient.

Nursing Services

Our nurses are going to be there with you every step of the way. Your care team is led by an RN Case Manager who coordinates all aspects of your care or your loved one’s care. Our dedicated nurses choose to practice only hospice care because they have a heart for hospice. Their services are specialized and tailored to your specific needs and illness. If you are a Veteran then we have a special program just for you and your unique physical and psychosocial needs. You will have regularly scheduled nursing visits based on the plan that you and your Care Team work out as well as changes to the frequency of visits as they are needed.

Social Services

Our Social Worker is specially trained in grief, bereavement and end-of-life issues and will handle all of the details so the focus can be on your care or the care of your loved one. They participate in the initial assessment upon admission to hospice care. They help develop the care plan and provide supportive counseling for patients and their families. They can also offer information and connect the patient and their family with community resources.

Bereavement Services

Our Bereavement Counselor will provide “grief counseling” to you or your family members upon request. We offer this service because we believe that the family’s wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with the care and comfort of the patient. We also follow up with family and significant others for 13 months after the patient passes with
cards, calls, and personal visits, if they’re requested. We have a memorial service every six months where loved ones
are invited to come together with other families to honor those who have passed, celebrate the beauty and sanctity of life and gain more strength to look toward the future. We also have a list of books available to help navigate though this period of grief and healing.

Spiritual Care/Chaplain Services

This is a time of profound change for people and their families. Spiritual care, from a broad spectrum of religious and spiritual traditions, is a core hospice service that is available to all Quality Hospice patients and their loved ones. This service is not meant to replace personal pastoral relationships. Some people express spirituality through religion and others do not. We understand that beliefs are unique to each person and no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, we are there to meet you in whatever way is comfortable and meaningful to you. Anyone in the family may request spiritual counseling or a referral to community pastoral care at anytime.

Palliative Services

Palliative Care is comfort care and is focused on preventing and relieving the suffering of patients in all disease stages, including those nearing end of life. Medications and treatments have a palliative effect if they relieve symptoms without having a curative effect. Palliative care helps relieve symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, constipation, nausea and loss of appetite. Our goal is to make these last few weeks and months pain free so that you may enjoy this special time with those you love and making whatever decisions you feel are needed to ensure a peaceful and complete transition.

Hospice Aide Services

Our licensed Clinical Nurse Assistants provide personal care and attention, such as bathing and feeding. A schedule will be established upon admission to determine if and when you would like these services.
Volunteer Services – Our volunteers are truly the “heart of hospice,” and are an essential part of the team. A hospice volunteer is a specially trained individual who provides assistance to patients, their families, and those experiencing grief. They are available to provide companionship, assistance and support. This could be sitting with a patient so that the caregiver can take a much needed break or running errands for the caregiver who is at a point where they don’t want to leave. Volunteers may help prepare a meal, read to a patient, or just share some quiet time. There are also Special Service volunteers who donate their professional services from time to time, whether it be legal help with a document such as a will, financial services, a beautician that comes to give a haircut or a manicure, or a licensed masseuse offering the gift of therapeutic massage. Whatever the need, one of our compassionate and dedicated volunteers wants to help you.