We didn’t get to use Hospice very long, just a few short weeks. When I called for help I received it immediately. Jackie was one of the first to come out and so was Adam from Social Services. Both were very helpful and very informative. We were assigned Gail as our regular RN and Pat as an aide.   These two women, as I understand it, are new to your program. Let me tell you, your Hospice was lucky to get these two women. They are jewels to your organization. Pat was here three days a week. It was hot because Mom was always cold, but Pat never complained. I felt as through she was part of the family and taking care of her own mother. Gail came once a week or whenever I called. It was late on a Friday night, I called and she came. Mom took a turn for the worse and she was here for us. We felt like we could handle everything after talking to her. Mom died early Sunday morning. I called Gail and she came over and handled everything for us. She stayed over for a while after the funeral home picked up Mom to talk and reassure us of everything that we had done. She talked to us as a member of the family. I don’t think there was anything else that anyone could have said or done for us than these two women did. We had the Chaplin come out twice. He was trying to set up visits with a neighboring church for us. I had requested this from him. Unfortunately Mom didn’t live that long, but he prayed with us and helped me get a few answers from Mom I didn’t know about her faith. This was very comforting to us. Even Tyler from Buckeye Home Medical was dear to us. He was so friendly and had a happy up-beat personality. It was helpful for us to have someone like him. I read the letter in our packet from Sue Sims “A Brighter Day.” The last stages of life that were mentioned: Grace, Strength, Hope and Comfort were all met thanks to all of your staff. There was just me, my husband and our daughter here to take care of Mom and I had just had shoulder surgery. If not for Hospice I don’t know what we would have done. So thank you so very much. Words can’t even express how much all of you meant to us, especially Pat and Gail. I will be praying for all of you.


Eternal Thanks,

Ella and Ron Fuhrman

Family of Anita Hall